richer :)

*looks at the post below*

my entry for the “Be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank” courtesy of StandChart and Nuffnang won me RM200!

*hugs* *kisses* XOXO


The 10 best written entries (in no particular order) are as below:

Suzi Fadhilah
Izawati Ahmad
Gan Vin Tsen
Chan Mun Choy <-- Yours Truly :p - Jinni Tan
Irene Octoviani Tan
Yang Xiting Lynn
Clarence Chan
Guai Sing Chi Arevalo
Jemimah Wei

Congratulations to other winners as well! thank you berry much to all who supported

More exciting posts returning to, be on the lookout!

before that, its adrianthickfaceshowofftime!


muahaha so, who wanna date me? 😛 ty nuffnang!

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