Im AdrianC. AdrianC stands for Adrian Chan or AdrianChoyChoy.

wait. thats AdrianCC. im not CC(sissy) okay! im straight.

well, if you say you still dont get it, how bout a picture of me? 🙂 everybody likes pictures.



photoshopped 🙂

give me some chance to be happy okay? anyway i started blogging since i was little. okay i admit i started blogging in somewhere around 2006. I started off with the very basic publish post friendster blog, windows live spaces. Because it was so basic(no customization), i switched to the blogger blog which i made-popular adrianchoychoy.blogspot.com.

Why you blog?

The reason i blog at first is to connect myself with the web, the world and my friends. I realized i haven’t have much contacts with my friends from high school. In Taylors SAM for my pre-U the blogging addiction was made to my class to keep in touch with each other. However the main reason is that blogging is my passion. I blog to release my thoughts, my love, my ideas, my craziness to the world. Blogging soon took over my shyness, egos, selflessness. I make new friends. Friends like you 🙂

Why emocha? You like Mocha meh? Why not adrianchoychoy.com or adrianoptimuschocobolololoboychoychoypaparoach.com?

emocha has meanings. deep meanings (not deep thrust). emocha is where the caffein takes over. all my thoughts, ramblings and everything in the known universe will be in here. Just sit back and take a sip of me every day.

or if you do know canto, teeHEEMO CHA NGOR LA. (dun BOMB me la) see the mocha there? :p

or EMO-CHA. you emo edy then you wanna cha(bomb) ppl kao kao. 🙂