i want to makeout change myself.

I want to be a vampire!

why? havent u seen TWILIGHT yet? go see it!!!

ello ello L-O-V-E

yo. it has been a few weeks since exams over and done with. Me? I WAS ON VACATION!! (I WISH). I WAS BUSY LAR. 2nd SEM AND 2ND YEAR. all day face the laptop doing assignment and memorising those..urgh. scentific stuffs. cant help it, im a scientist in the making. HAHA anyway I’m slacking at home and I’m lovin it. Hey i know but what do you expect? I have a university break now till March 2009. Yeah, thats freaking 3 months! wohoo lets go to the beach and get naked.

Don’t worry, i shall survive on potato chips and be a couch potato for my anime and tvb dramas. Oh yeah feels damn good *sips on that coke*

Well, some of my friends out there are already earning $$$ while me still slacking. But, but u cant blame me! I still cant get over all the assignments and lab reports, weeks of procrastination hard work. It feels like yesterday. rushing to get assignments done, studying for exams and screwing up the papers. Ugh not to mention results is coming out tomorrow evening. dang it! DANG IT!

Oh oh oh yeah i did applied for work in Singapore but i didnt get it. Im telling you, they will regret not making use of my expertise. Should i contribute to our own country then? Heloo, i think after 2 years of trying hard to stay awake all those lectures, i must have learnt something that can help somebody (like help myself for some $$$$?) lol hmnnn…

Oh yeah after belanja Lok Chai buffet lunch today we went to watch ‘Quarantine’. It was awesome and i almost threw out everything that i ate for lunch in tht afternoon. Sashimi chicken ice kacang salmon trout cheese cake salad oyster prawns bananas to name a few. wtf. The whole movie is AWESOME. its like a freaking rollecoaster ride. Of course during the movie i got scared and almost peed in my pants and hugged my buddy beside me. urgh here comes another moment of Adrian’s Ghey Tales. Its an amateur camera movie like Cloverfield but its much better since its way less dizzy.

So..right now im blogging from Starbucks. Ill put up some pics as eye candy later. Meanwhile stick with the ugly-looking-post-with-lots-of-lost-word-with-no-pictures.

i want to…

dive into a pool of peanut butter.

i know. im nuts. alot of nuts. or maybe just two too nuts.

its my birthday today so i guess my nuts have grown bigger? 20 years and still i mean still looking good! haha thanks to all my buddies!!! i get ur messages!

for those still having exams, boo ya! mines over-ed-ed-ed-ed! hahahahaha party like a rock star wohoo. for those young buddies in SPM jyjy. big bro here wish u all the best.

*continue partying*

exam pms

mystery man in toilet

happy guy in toilet

a walking zombie?

this is how we nap

okay thats enough!

Pictures taken in Monash University Library, when too stressed up with revision 🙂 Pictures are all blurry because did not focus. just like how i couldnt focus in my revision =.=

but guess what? its all over now.
its holidays now! whoo *been a week now since holiday*

and definitely rotting at home =.=


You wont defeat me.

No matter how fast you leave me,


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