from left AdrianC Nash Joe Yeet LSoon

-picture by my -mju750-

-photographer: Aaron 3rd year Monash student-

labo time!!

BIOLOGY is getting more and more interesting. I have a very positive start on this subject this semester. haha yeah with all those microbiology and stuffs. Seriously, bio used to have really boring practicals. I still remember doing those enzyme reactions or photosynthesis ones during the old schooling days. But know as we learn further, more interesting labs are coming. So never judge a book by its cover, or rather judge it just by reading the first few pages. The best is always yet to come 🙂

Another Day In Bio Lab. taken by my sweetie K550I.

First lab this semester, microbiology.

This is how you grow bacteria.

Egg Yolk agar!

This bacteria can cause pneumonia and sore throat! *DANGER!* In aust they use horse blood. in malaysia maybe they use chicken blood :p (i think)

i know the one i did sibeh ugly. blehh. first time give face can?

This is for use when you play with fire.

How to kill bacteria?

End with random photo can?

Walewoot! 🙂

Random Pics. KL

Found some pics taken in KL. random shots taken with my K550i. kinda fun to do it.

sis ala ju-on. scary! hey ju on knows how to show peace sign V-.-V

look at my eyes. notice anything different?

magnificient twin tower reaching up for the sky.

Kay L Tower. It looks really skinny with those fat buildings around.

enjoying good-ol char kuey while in the car.

No Parking sign but yet ppl park cars. lol they wont bother!

a well hidden motorbike in between the trees.

never been into this bulding but saw lots of tourist busses going in.

this is what happens when you dun pluck your nose hair.

🙂 kl can sometimes be fun :p

im waiting for you~ my love…

sleeping beauty(s)

What do u get when ure in a boring lecture?

shangq yeet concentrating on lecture?

i doubt so..

yawn. sweet dreams..

good nite.

sleeping beauties.

no animals were harmed during the production of this post.