AdrianC says:
AdrianC says:

AdrianC says:
this one paling geng
AdrianC says:
the 5 mil views
AdrianC says:
she looks so innocent
AdrianC says:
marry me please marie!
AdrianC says:
im gonna refresh this video until it reaches 6million
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
cabal can go in liao
AdrianC says:
ok just kiddin im not a cyber retard

honestly i have no freaking idea why lok soon have to interrupt me by saying cabal is online now (an online MMORPG game)


but he added this pic :p



awwww :p

dun blame me. shes japanese+irish mix and yups shes good ๐Ÿ™‚

wohooo its coming!

Yeah. i ordered just few days ago and they already shipped it! wohoo!


*very mini* clicky ๐Ÿ™‚


According to, they contacted SonyBMG and they will only have 100 copies in Malaysia of the first release Secret OST Limited Edition that comes with a 100-page picture booklet! and each of them retails at RM100nett if you buy directly from Sony BMG. I dont think i see them in stores anywhere too.

However, its definately cheaper if you get it through yesasia. of course you still have to wait for them to ship those original cool cds from HK. I ordered last Sunday 9/9 and they already shipped it on 12/9! very fast! I guess yesasia isvery efficient in processing orders. After all, they are famous for selling cheap original asian music cds and even DVDs and collecttibles.

To take advantage of the free shipping promotion, just make sure u buy USD25 and above. I get to save around USD10+ just for shipping fees. Plus hunt around for coupons on the net. Ive got USD5 off by entering a coupon number ๐Ÿ™‚

omgomg cant wait for it to come!

and rainie yang’s latest album!


rainie yang cheng lin is such a cutie!


too bad we dont see her anymore in GUESSGUESSGUESS. i missed her! arrrgghhhhh


owoo….time to dream of kissing with her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Malaysia Rare Phenomena

Did it snow? Whats rare?

I saw this image on dailymail on a phenomena called the sundog. Sundog is a rare optical illusion. Of course its not the same as mirage that allows you to look at Hawaii babes dancing in the middle of the desert. Instead you get to see a rainbow which is not a rainbow but turn out to be a colourful donut ring.


Its so beautiful isnt it? It happened in Malaysia, and you probably recognized the coconut trees.

What are Sundogs?

These appear when the sun is low in the sky and its rays catch the thin vapour formed of ice crystals which lies in the atmosphere six miles above the Earth’s surface.

The rays are refracted by the crystals to produce what looks like a halo round the sun.

Sometimes, as here, they display a spectrum of colours from red closest to the sun to a pale blue furthest from it, which has led to them being mistaken for full circle rainbows.

In centuries past, they were thought of as signs of ill omen. These days they are most often mistaken for UFOs.

See? Actually, Malaysia also special lar!

Wooot My Blogs are number 1 on Technorati!

Dont believe me? but look!


Woohoo blueblackhole too! woo!



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Technorati's new logo

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google, Yahoo and IceRocket. As of April 2007, Technorati indexes over 75 million weblogs. The name Technorati is a portmanteau, pointing to the technological version of literati or intellectuals.

It seems like there have been some glitches on the technorati website. Some blogs are experiencing the 0 blog reactions glitch too. All blogs are ranked number 1 now! Do you have any idea how HARD is it to be number one!!!
while i was cheering and rushing to the store to get my favourite red wine for a toast of the goin-to-be-momentarily celebration, the rest of the world too, summarised by grokdotcom

. . . every blogger who’s had even one link documented by Technorati could rejoice more than they already are after being accidentally ranked #1 today รขโ‚ฌโ€ thanks to a glitch.

If rank meant everything, you wouldn’t have to create fresh, original content.

If rank meant everything, blogs wouldn’t be worth reading.

Everyone would be baiting links (like I am).

Like money, when rank means everything, it means nothing.

Do blog readers really care about rank?

Thanks technorati for letting us feel how nice is it to be number one!….until they fix this. ๐Ÿ™‚

S0oo Walewoot right! haha

How horny is your blog?

haha while found this cool website online that will actually rate your blog.


haha thats not bad. means i havent been cursing allright. minus the paris hilton-one night in paris

how bout the rest?


Online Dating

hoho you naughty gal!


Online Dating

okay sweetie, they dont know what WTFKNNCCBBQSOS is. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


Free Online Dating

JOE GOT A GREENIE? i dont believe it!

kien seng aka pan meen

Online Dating

so kien seng also ahem* loves to curse ppl



Online Dating


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