i wish life is a media player. Click pause when you need it. click rewind when u regret it. choose your favourite songs into the playlist. Get bored? switch tracks..

If only life is that good.

theme problem

im having problems with my wordpress theme editor. 🙁 will fix this soon enough. meanwhile have fun with the classic look. I know, its painfully plain but hey, this was what wordpress classic look like in 1.2.x versions. classic isnt it? this is prolly what majority blogs look like a few years ago 🙂

*fixing the theme*

*upgrading wordpress engine if necessary*


yes. im talking about money as in bucks $$$ moolah.

AH ha. this morning i woke up with mixed feelings. No, its not that “argh its so wet and sticky the last thing I remembered was being in a jungle with a hot girlfriend”

maybe something like that. smiling face because yesterday i saw MARIE’ DIGBY LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR!

say it againnnnnnnnnnnnn~~ yeah she was in 1 Utama performing for her promo tour. It was soooo fun!

oh yea. btw whats with the money eaters. Remember bout the mixed feelings? I had like panic attacks this morning. All i can remember next is I rushed out of bathroom to the computer and login to the library website.

And what do you expect to see? OVERDUES!!!!!

hahaha its funny when its only 1 book overdue. its just what, RM1 per day?

BUT its no joke when you have a few books. THATS LIKE MONEY FLYING AWAY!

ID RATHER SPEND IT and WASTE IT than lose money just like that!

now, arent they money eaters? they just wait for you to OVERDUE Your book!

grrrrr… and the worse is that day my friend had RM8 fine for overdues and i LAUGHED at him. I bet hes there LHAO (laughing his ass off)

damn. Attraction theory is working now. The more youre afraid of something bad, the more it will happen!




its 5th of May ALREADY?

what, are we living in a fast forward time or what? Suddenly time seems to fly by us so fast?

This is a disaster.

Can somebody please stop the time? Hiro, please?

If only theres 35 hours in a day!!

Sleep: 7 hours.

Eat: 2 hours

Uni: 8-9 hours.

TV: 2 hours

Assignments/homework: 5 hours (aint enough)

see, 24 hours is no longer enough! I know some of you may say, hey Adrian, Multitasking is the way. You can eat and take shower at the same time, do assignment and sleep at the same time.

But. how do you live a life like that?


You know how sometimes, when you really put your full force and effort into it but in the end it just turns out to be…


You have been doing good all this while, and one simple report that takes a few % of your total subject assesment will give you a really huge blow.

I put effort into it.

I put time into it.

I squeezed my brain juice doing it.


and yet, this tiny report mark given by the lecturer just came in and break everything. It just hits me harder for the fact that i really REALLY put myself into it and yet look what happens?

Then there will be people telling you, its just like 5% or less.


you take a lil bit here and a lil bit there and all is GONE!

Its so discouraging that I really dont feel like doing anything already. I dont know it just cut deep into your heart.

What is gone is gone. Its over. Think positive.



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