Japanese Food Fair

Konnichiwa minna-san!

Ano, if you guys are a fan of japanese stuffs like me (sexy and pretty japanese girls) then maybe you should head down to Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya to the Japanese Food Fair which is happening from 29th Oct to 2nd Nov. They have got some pretty good MADE IN JAPAN stuffs at 10% discount. The store is Shojikiya, located in Sunway Pyramid too so if you’re hard core, u can go ahead to their store.

And the best part is its not THAT expensive. Heres what i got for RM52:

Persimmon seeds! bought 2 packets so its RM5.90×2

Fruits candy 🙂 RM6.90

Matcha green tea. bought 2 packets so its 2x RM16.90. I tried once in Starbucks green tea latte (according to my friend its matcha green tea) and I am addicted to it. Matcha green tea is made of shade grown green tea and from finest tea buds. It is also used in tea ceremony and unlike normal green tea which has a stronger roasted smell, matcha green tea is sweeter 🙂

And if u spend RM50 and above, you get to spin some wheel thingy to get some prize. Of course, I got the best stuff: a goodie bag. Heres whats inside

rice cake!

Pucca Choco pretzels

seaweed. made in singapore punya tho.

noodles. made in hong kong =.=

There, so if your in town go there and cure your Japanese hunger. Theres alot of other stuffs like rice cakes, biscuits, miso soup ingredients and stuffs. But careful as some of the stuff like seaweed and noodles or biscuits are made in singapore =.= I dont want support Singapore, can? I want support Japan. Plus please dont buy from China can? Later got melanine. lol

But i didnt spot any Japanese lingerie model or anything so..


In case you haven’t heard of the hoo hah woo hah


Download Day

Yes, its the world’s fastest browser, world’s most secure browser and world’s most customizable browser..

and soon,  into the

Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

thats right. You can be part of it by downloading it today! Be quick before it ends according to your timezone.

the brand new firefox 3.

so far, total downloads have reached
Total Downloads
7,002,280! *at time of post*

CHECK OUT THE LIVE COUNTER and see the number increase like mad!

And i have contributed to the download for 3 of my PCs. And i’ve got myself a certificate too! hooray

emocha.net, emoboy and adrian chan supports firefox. Join them by downloading firefox 3 today!
Download Day - English

Firefox and World Record
Spread Firefox

exam period!

Monash University examination period~ 6th to 20th 🙁

all the best 🙂

Marié Digby Live Concert Beamed Worldwide!

If you just missed it, i dont know what to say to you!


seriously, i never felt so close to Marié Digby than today with the camera zooming in to her!

It was great experience! And she even answers our questions live! The concert was beamed all over the world, LIVE through the internet. There were people from Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, everywhere!

Thanks so much to Marié Digby , and the guys over there in Vegas! Thanks DeepRockDrive! It was the best concert I ever been to in my life.

The show just ended. It started at 6.00AM and you know what, I didnt sleep the whole night. I was up wide and awake! Because I was so AFRAID I WAS going to miss it but its all worth the wait!

Off to sleep now! Marié Digby, you rock!!


first saw her on youtube before her album was released, then in One Utama Live in Kuala Lumpur then an online concert with her! wow!!!

melted my heart! <33333333

Marié Digby Live in Concert

If you missed the 1 Utama Marié Digby Live in Kuala Lumpur promo tour, its okay because theres another concert coming.

Marié Digby Live in Concert

* 6:00 AM

*Malaysian time (+8GMT)

Ive never been to a concert- an online concert! You book a ticket and when the time comes, just turn on the computer to watch her performing live!

I saw this on youtube the other day and quickly grabbed my ticket to see her. Its goin to be on DeepRockDrive with their very catchy tag- A Million Front Row Seats!

Seriously. Its going to be like webcamming with Marié Digby! Haha and according to the site: you can change angles and even chat real live with Marié and other users. Besides that, choice of songs are based on votes by viewers!


Book tickets here. Its free! Be sure to check it out and not miss it. Btw the time is just right. Its on a public holiday! Yippededolalala!

edit: check out my post about the concert

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