richer :)

*looks at the post below*

my entry for the “Be the World’s Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank” courtesy of StandChart and Nuffnang won me RM200!

*hugs* *kisses* XOXO


The 10 best written entries (in no particular order) are as below:

Suzi Fadhilah
Izawati Ahmad
Gan Vin Tsen
Chan Mun Choy <-- Yours Truly :p - Jinni Tan
Irene Octoviani Tan
Yang Xiting Lynn
Clarence Chan
Guai Sing Chi Arevalo
Jemimah Wei

Congratulations to other winners as well! thank you berry much to all who supported

More exciting posts returning to, be on the lookout!

before that, its adrianthickfaceshowofftime!


muahaha so, who wanna date me? 😛 ty nuffnang!

Marié Digby Live Concert Beamed Worldwide!

If you just missed it, i dont know what to say to you!


seriously, i never felt so close to Marié Digby than today with the camera zooming in to her!

It was great experience! And she even answers our questions live! The concert was beamed all over the world, LIVE through the internet. There were people from Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, everywhere!

Thanks so much to Marié Digby , and the guys over there in Vegas! Thanks DeepRockDrive! It was the best concert I ever been to in my life.

The show just ended. It started at 6.00AM and you know what, I didnt sleep the whole night. I was up wide and awake! Because I was so AFRAID I WAS going to miss it but its all worth the wait!

Off to sleep now! Marié Digby, you rock!!


first saw her on youtube before her album was released, then in One Utama Live in Kuala Lumpur then an online concert with her! wow!!!

melted my heart! <33333333

holiday time!

back from Penang. been there for the past 2 days to cure my ang pow and food hungerness…
Off to either Genting or Cameron Highlands tomorrow.


that ends this month. but 3 months of holidays ought to end sooner or later ><

welcome back!


Guess what? my bro is coming back from UK today! long has it been? 2 years plus since we have seen each other. I couldnt say I miss him alot *psst no gay incest here*

But we do keep in touch through msn and emails.

I would like to say THANK YOU! yeah early thank you for you will be bringing back present for me from UK. So im dedicating this post to you!


aww i know im a romantic guy.

I need to do this ( free of charge) cos he was the one:

Who thought me how to earn money online,
Who became the web administrator for my website,
Who bought me,
Who set up this wonderful website
Who gave me the cute chemistry molecular set

plus many more..

Dear Andrew,

Dont you know, you are the role model? Everything is always compared to you. No matter what, in studies, in time management, in earning money, in everything, even in food! How do you manage to stay so thin even when all the good food is around? Plus you are single, available and yet so good in studies. I thought behind every successful man there is a women behind.. well iguess its behind every successful brother there is a great younger brother. muahahaha

I know sometimes i cant be as perfect as you bro, but I’m glad i have you to compare with. At least, I know what to fight on, how to be as strong as you.

I am also not as good as you in everything. but one day I will be. If I dont, I will still continue to fight for it. I am already dreaming of us in the future, where both of us have kids and beautiful wives ( i meant you have your own kids and wife and i have my own, dont get me wrong here), luxurious homes and boy, isnt that the red ferrari we have always wanted? Not to mention our strong CHAN family empire.


And i know u always call me Michelin. I wonder what you will think when you see me tonight. Yes, I am still as fat 🙂 perhaps even fatter than what you see long time ago.


OKAY seriously im not THAT fat.

I just want to say,


oh yea. great food, cute chicks, roti canai and nasi lemak. i wanna see you get fat! have a safe trip home today!

cheers, by your bro



1.1.2008! i made it back home from KL well before this date ends to wish you, yes, you my fellow good friends, families, enemies,


And if you have been reading my previous post, and thought that, OMFG 2007 is a year i screwed myself up so badly, or I had been a drama queen and crying over silly things, this and that, worry not as 2008 will be a great year for everyone to start over, and turn over a new leaf! Yes, even if you are freaking madmen last year.

Thats right. Even when your 2007 new Year Resolutions has turned into 2007 Failures, just cut out that 2007 and replace it with 2008. Which means, this year alone, you dont have to squeeze the lemon out of your brains thinking of 2008 THINGS TO DO because the last year’s one fit perfectly (isnt 2008 a great year? )

One less thing to worry about in 2008 eh? Those resolutions…ugh.

One thing is for sure, things will change in 2008. There will be people leaving to explore new places in life, friends studying abroad, more challenges to overcome but theres nothing to worry about.

2008 will be just fine!

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