Christmas Party

Went to christmas party at the Ong family house on the 22nd (party sponsered by them, generous sia ^^). Was invited there by Anne. Reach there at about 6.30 and met Joe, Yee Wun, Anne few minutes later. Had tonnes of fun shaking hands and getting to know ppl(mostly girls), met Colin my ex-high school junior. Hes a cool guy who plays o2jam and wanna thrash me with it. And yee Wuns friend( Oh yea did i tell u Mr.Ong, is a funny and nice guy? XD he rears turtles in the toilet which i call them perverted tortoises. Yalar, everyday get to see guys and girls in toilet, pervert! Oh yeah, hahah when Julie came later on Mr.Ong said theres no food left but hes willing to cut the grass or cook the fishes for Julie. I said we can cook, even better, the tortoise to eat, jokingly and he heard! he even told us he have sharp(sensitive) ears! lol…. Before we went home Mr.Ong even invited us to their uhm toilet to see the tortoise. LOL
the food? great. with turkey, salad, mashed potatoes, ice cream. but the great part isnt about the food. Its the person who took the food for me….Sherene(sorry if i spell her name wrongly). Joe said i snatched thre plate from her…di i? so embarassing! She looks pretty and young(im not stating shes childish or not matured but which girl doesnt want to look young forever?) and ill be in big trouble if she actually reads this. Shes 2 year older than me, doing pharmacy in SIT and goin to Aust next year.(how can i stalk her then?) o.0

OKOK enuff no more info about her, back to chrismas party!

So theres this team of girls who danced super nice! XD

Cool ending heh?

Adrian with the dancing girls….cant go back home without a picture can I? :p

The dancing girls posing again! i like to call them dancing girls lol

And pink stoking girl who learns how to do dj remixing at the party. Shes amazing. that is from first impression laar!

From left: Julie, Wunz, Adrian and Joe

no offense but i have to admit this, i can remember faces very well (especially pretty ones) but not names. Ive meet alot of cool ppl at the party(Joe, remember the pink stokings girl?) So the first thing i did after reaching home is to check out li anne’s friendster for my targets uhm i mean new friends. I seriously need li anne to give me their email(s) haha! :p

Christmas chocolate for everyone before leaving..

trip to Sepang-A1 championship

Remember i got the tickets to A1 in Sepang for free? hehe it was on for three days but i didnt go on friday because no transport there. Then i decided not to waste the free ticket and went there last Saturday. It was the qualifying session XD


Thats me..whats that? A red lotus Elise? yeah, my car…MINE!(maybe in a few years time laaar)




A1 is not as famous as F1. The cars dun look really nice compared to F1..


Wohhooo ZZZooom!



Even the cars looked like toy cars..


I was BORED to dead. Except for the fact that loud engine noise when the car zzzooomed by. Ended up taking lunch there:of oversized hot dog with small bread and a mineral water…my lunch -.-



The sausage is bloody big i tell you…reminds me of..ahem*caugh caugh*


So i that was i did on Saturday. I even took a mechanical bull ride there! hahaz… ill upload the video later. lasted half a minute cos the bulls backside err uhm i mean back is damn slippery..and i wore tight jeans..real tight if u get what i mean..

The next day, Sunday, i slept at home…XD no interest to go to the people-packed Sepang to watch anymore….and i didnt know who is the winner…haha talk bout wasting time! XD

Outing at Sunway Pyramid with Family

HEy there, ive been having troubles with my streamyx as u all know, cos having no connection is one problem, having a connection where u cannot upload almost anything is another big problem! So here i am at taylors webby to use their bandwidth and do my stuffs! kekeke

Okay so last Sunday i went out with my daddy, mummy, Wendy and big bro to Sunway Pyramid again. As mentioned in the post earlier, i was pretty excited to see Sing Yu, at the same time wanna go prom-stuffs-for-guys-hunting (follow my daddy so he can pay for me! hahah)
~Went into a few shops and bought a few clothes. Im not gonna be a spoiler and show it to you guys, as prom is TODAY! omg… i hope i get to know more girls (now i really sound like a pervy!) haha just kidding

So theres this event again, the 8TV Mall tour- 8TV 2nd anniversery. My sister likes to see John, so we waited and managed to get a few of the seats in front of the stage to watch! There are lots of ppl there and its fun! XD

firstly theres this guy who sings quite okay. of course i dont know him..haha

He dances well like crazie despite his height!
Wah yeng yeng!

Next theres Yoon from the programme HO CHaK and Desmond from D Crime Scene! omg yoon yoon rox! hehe

Haha they speak chinese! XD

Look, she looks prettier in Ho Chak programme than in real life..keke

Then they started pointing at the audiences to ask them to join in a game!

No you suckers dont call Adrian out!

Too bad


i was spotted..

What ler they explaining.. luckily i understand abit chinese!

Okay so the game goes like this if they say Lao Fu (Tiger) i must show the tiger pose, if they say snake i must do snake pose, if they say another animal i must do that animal.Then they made it harder -.-ll must NOT do the animal they say

Funny jokers la… i lost! haha but i survived! keke

Haha then Mei Sim arrived. If u dunnoe who is Mei Sim go bang yourself on the wall..haha nolar she was in Superstar and she lost…she sings quite well and she looked good! yes dear she sounds sweeeet!

After that theres this guy from One in a Million…i forgot his name lar. Ameen i confusing..i knoe Suki lar, other names dun bother!


Not bad not bad! but doesnt he look like in pyjamas or something.. ^^


Wah then Nita came in and sung like hell <—this hell is nice hell and she rocked the house!


She kept dancing i cant get a clear shot of her… T.T


Oh then there was Jaclyn Victor from Malaysian Idol…wooohooo


According to her, she open her mouth dam big like T-Rex…gosh
She even made an error. Instead of 8tv she ask us to watch Astro..haha typo.. err i mean spello but her performance was superb!

Then i got to go on stage again…this time i dont know what is it about!

MC: U guys gotta show macho post!


Take 1: Look Usher beside me!

Another time? Kungfu style ba!

Then they revealed something scary…we machoman have to be like…


GOsh return of Ju On right here in pyramid! zzzz o.0

Haha the gal… urm i mean guy in gold hair is cute lerXD

Waaaaah guess whos that hot mama in pink?!!!!

Thats me fixing my boobs!! When they asked for my name i gave myself a sexy name” Christina Akugila (Akugila translated is i’m crazy)

I know what u all are waiting for..videos of Adrian goes modelling…can beat Amber Chia wei….wait wait be patient!!

Then theres John, winner of Project Superstar…dam yeng….i like him <–sounds gay

Wohhoooooooo *waveeeees back!!!!!*

Sorry bro, i donnoe how to sing chinese with you so u got to sing wont hear me singing with you!

The 8tv Quickie Kesh and Aishah with John doing stuffs..! haha A family posing with Nita and Jac. WARNING: I DONT KNOW WHO THE HECK THIS LADY AND CUTE GIRL IS! i just happened to curi-ed snapped photo of them…keke but seriously the small girl in the middle is damn cute…cutest of all since Sing Yi wasnt there that day…if u read my post before u would know..hehe

Me and Aishah *SMILES SWEETLY* trying not to make it so obvious that i was excited..haha

dun dang dang bang




Then we went to Carrefour to shop and theres this Osim stuffs goin on.. GREAT! its time to get a backrub! haha i tested the OSIM UZAP for a few minutes.

C’mon Osim zap my fat away! dang!!

Osim dun wanna touch costs RM2000 plus…wtf ride real horse also no need pay so much

haha back to my room: tada my freebies for the day!
Anotheer car sticker? lame lar….later my car full of stickers ler

Got from the modelling as macho gal game…Hotlink freebies bag. Name only freebies bag but inside have one red bag only..nothing else..lame huh? Finally bought a phone strap for myself…cute? hehe David Becham with green hair..err i dun wanna imagine that!

i really enjoyed the day. Not for the cheapo freebies (yah i cant believe 8tv is giving out these stuffs only hahah cos i heard they used to give better prizes!) but for the fun games they organized. gratz to the 8tv team and all the prettie and leng chai hosts and singers!

And for the grand finale of this long long post…

the video of me dancing onstage live….

you gotta watch this!

yeah..thats me allrite….haha tonite is prom..more photos coming! XD

Outing @ Sunway Pyramid!

OMG im back! haha when my friends asked me out to go to pyramid i was quite hesitant. WHAT? SUNWAY PYRAMID? didnt we go there like a few times already?!! haha then i decided to go just for the fun of it despite my swollen eyes which appears to be less lebam today. I took a ride with my dad early in the morning and reach there at about 9.30AM -.-ll It was earlier than i expected, the ‘date’ with them is supposed to be at 10. So i went in to walk around to realise that its so empty! and most, i mean all the shops are still closed.

How does it feels walking in a dark huge supermarket?

Took while walking. I was so afraid the guards will catch me for taking photos. They might think im a criminal planning to rob or bomb the place! haha I feel so lonely! XD

Then i visited the GENTS.

Something caught my attention while i was peeing…

What kind of opportunity do u expect when u are having difficulties peeing? And they should change LIVE WELL TO PEE WELL!Tha place around is still dark and damn, they did not turn the air-cond on! its super hot so i went to stay near the skating ring. People are skating like pros early in the morning. And i can remember exactly how i fell and hurt my bottoms like a little baby last time. Traumatic experience wooo~
Look at the naughty girl pointing her butt to me!

Too bored watching girls..err i mean ppl skating led me to the bowling center. It was super freezing cold there so i played 2 rounds of bowling. Ended up my friends were late~ uh oh..

Itz so empty! hahahaHeres my scores and yes, im a noob player, i suck at bowling so much i feel like running towards those pins and bang them down with my head.

One strike, the rest into the drain! proud of it!
Improving eh? hehe

Later, went out to the main gate to wait for them and saw the cruisers! XD feeling so excited, joined in the game, got some freebies. They’ve got some Paris Hilton VCD, some disco dance compilation stuffs. I got the fourth place in a simple game and got 2 Grandstand tickets to watch A1 at Sepang for all three days! wow i mean like something for free, i dont mind watching Alex Yong toufu lose or something..hohoho

The freebies i got: latest KLUE, car sticker, magnet and my tickets!

Damn delicious looking magnet! makes my mouth water!Then we go to RedBox karaoke and party like crazy. To be honest, thats my really FIRST time in a karaoke! Food there is simple but we really sung our lungs out and danced like craziee!

Lady Faye’s plate: Mushroom fried rice XD She eats the slowest so i took the pic! Half eaten plate of speghetti! YUM YUM!

Time to intro u to the gang: from left Lady Faye, Kavi Meowie, Yee Wunnie, Anne Koala, Joe Joker, Lukey Cutie and Adrian Choy Choy! Another time? missing:Lukey o.0?? CAM WHORING WOFOOOOOOO!!!!! THis is what happens when u try to sing with two sexy girls!

She smiled just like the frog…too bad shes a koala!

5 Girls, One guy and a karaoke place!Went out for prom-stuffs-hunting, the gals looked for heels and me and Joe looking for men stuff. Then we stopped at the 8tv event and i saw something i like. something i really like! Its the chinese girl host from 8tv. Saw her before in the concert i went @ Low Yat few months back and shes also the host for Superstar. I think shes really cute –>i wanna marry a girl like her! *blushes*

Gary and my dream girl Sing Yu <—direct translation lol! Both of them in white in the middle! Aww shes so cute!

LOOK! its Mei Sim at the left in red+yellow! SHE rox!Next Kavi, Faye and me went to pluck our eyebrows! lol of course i didnt do it, and Faye just looked at how Kavi endure the pain. She goes like ouch..ouch..ouch! i was fantasizing of her going meow..moew..meow instead…XD

Ouch cabut carefully can or not? pain ler!Reach home and i already lost my voice! my throat is like super itchy! thank god mum cooked some herbal drink! called ‘liang cha’ or something. What a coincidence, i really needed that drink!

Thats not pee MIND YOU! its sweet and i freaking like it!

Thats my favourite mug! and the “liang” tea! XD

My internet is still as crappy as before but it was a superb day! except that i lose the video of the cute host i mentioned to you earlier! WTF! how could i lose it! freaking camera! Im going to Pyramid again with my family tomorrow and i really hope to see her again! omg omg omg thinking of it makes me happy~

p.s some of the pictures are really blurreasons:

1)my hands are either shaking cold or too tired

2) im a digital camera noob

3) too excited that everypart of my body goes shaky including the camera

I promise better clearer photos next time! XD time to sleep and dream of my dream girl!
Once my internet is back to maximum speed~crazie dance videos to be posted, raw and unedited!