i think im in love…

with who? Marié Digby!

In case you haven’t know, I’m a fan of her! I listen to her music 24-7 okay. Whats worse is this:

My desktop wallpaper

My wallet

My handphone (tiny dick SE K550i 🙂 )

My soft-board

tell me, if this isnt love, what is thiss?

uhm another siao siao stalker case? crazy?

Yes. I finally finnaly finally got her album! I didnt buy it when I was in One Utama KL because i was blur. You cant blame me! And what do we do when we have a special album in our hands? POSE!

front 🙂

back 🙂

gotta pose with my guitar 😛

as pretty as Marié

And i actually let that cd run for 4 hours! i listen to her songs for 4 hours non stop. whoa. im crazy for her

Here are a few pics of Marié Digby from my camera when she was performing live in Kuala Lumpur 1 Utama. It wass awesome! She was awesome!

the beautiful set

there were so many people there and it was so crowded. It was so hot and there was a lady who fainted while waiting. btw thats Lance the guitarist on the left and Marié on the right.

I was blocked by this guy with his video camera. So everytime i take pictures i have this light effect! grrr. But luckily I was tall because my friend’s friend was complaining that all he could take was pictures of other people cameras! =.=

see what i meant?

I like her…outfit too.

cuteness +100%

thumbs up! ^^

Make sure you grab her album okay! Her asian version of Unfold has bonus tracks which are 5 acoustic tracks. you will regret it if you dont get it! Its only RM38! Support Marié! I will kill u and hunt u down if you dont…

this is the first time im so crazy about someone else, im beginning to become afraid of myself. wow.


Marié Youtube Channel
Marié Myspace
Marié Facebook
I was at her online concert

Yay. tonight sleep dream of her again…

Michealangelo’s Italian Kitchen @ SUnway Pyramid

Here I am eating my seafood speghetti with Mr.Shiphire from Shiphire’s Dustbin. Yup this is our lunch after him getting trapped in Monash while I was locked out when they had their fire drill this morning.

YUM YUM! My set comes with a peppermint tea(which is awesome!) a vegie pasta-sauce-like soup(dam shiok its like tomato puree with vegies in it!) and Tiramisu cake(awesome! cake sprinkled with coffee on it owwwwww)

This huge lamb chop belongs to Mr Shiphire now!

Its called Lamb Shank! yum yum! HUGE bones so little meat. His set comes with mushroom soup. Mushroom soup here damn nice I tell you (Shiphire, 2008).

OH yea, its a good place to eat! Try it! And we blogged straight using their wifi. (wifi abuse)

Oh dear, we are supposed to be finishing our work today! Okay going to starbucks next!

p.s I totally forgot to mention we wore green color shirts, black pants and nike shoes. WE REALLY DIDNT PLAN ANYTHING BEFOREHAND! we are not gays mind you but i think we are when we go have lunch together and drink coffee together. damm

wait i still like girls 🙂

~Photos stolen from Shiphire (he allowed it :p)

Rambo 4

Ive got my twin tickets i won from faces and decided to go watch Rambo IV today at Sunway Pyramid with my bro.


Is it just me or Stallone look abit like Jackie Chan? WOW all muscle macho ppl look alike perhaps?

btw the movie..


the graphics, the sound, the bloodshed. no wonder its rated 18SG 🙂 sangat ganas. i sangat suka.  i like.

After the war was over, I was like awww….im looking for more action! im hunger for more! If you are the kind that wants hardcore action, this movie is pretty good, albeit a little short. You dont have to wait very long for the action to begin.

go check out Rambo. after all, we all miss him dont we?

2 months of addiction: good or bad?

Hello there! It has been awhile and you are probably wondering, what has Adrian done for the past two months?

Of course, every youngsters, especially males would not miss the opportunity to play games during their holiday, because that’s the time they can do it freely *take note that they still visit cyber cafes for games* when they are supposed to be studying in the library.

While it is a good way to finish your time quickly, its alot of fun playing the online game plus a price to pay, getting addicted. In this episode, I was a test rat putting myself into shoes of online gamers and have played the most uberly popular 2D side scrolling game, and that would be Maple Story.


My visit to the website, Maplesea.com brightens me alot. Upon entrance, i was greeted by really good and cute animations. There are always new events and updated announcements section to make you feel bad in case u did missed any of them. Clicky and here I am at the download page. The size is about 700MB for the game. I hesitated for a moment, do I really want to this? Too late. I clicked and the progress bar zoomed slowly. Okay time for some green tea while waiting.

The starting point

Installation was a breeze. The best thing about Maplestory is that since its 2D, the effects and animations would not require a high-end com to run it. Even my 4 year-old laptop can run the game, though a bit slower and laggy. This is one of MapleStory’s attraction when compared to other memory-hogging, CPU burning 3D games. It has great cute graphics and yet packed into a 700MB installer. Get yourself registered and voila, you’re now a mapler.

If you have an account already long time ago, then you can skip that boring registration part and get started with the game. I will not go in depth on creating characters. There a re 4 classes, Hunters who usese bow/crossbows , Thieves who uses daggers(melee) / stars yeah like de ninjas), Warriors (speaman/fighter/crusader) and Magician ( Firepoison/ Ice Lightning/ Clerics). The next thing i know i was clicking and rolling dices( virtually) to get the perfect stats. Since each class only require 2 types of Ability Point from ( STR-strength, INT- intelligence, LUK- luck, Dex- dexterity), its wise to get the two important stats for the class you want to play so that your character is strong! So there i was clicking for about 30 minutes or so.

Learning the game is easy. There is a whole tutorial map for you to get to lvl 8 for mages or 10 for other classes. Here comes the hours. It gets really really addictive from lvl 1-20 because leveling is not that hard yet.

After every level you get to add your AP( ability point) and SP ( your skill point). Therefore, no doubt your character gets stronger after every level. Plus, you get can get new active skills for attacking or passive skills that helps you in the game.

sp.jpg ap.jpg

You never lose, or win.

The driving point ( or rather the addiction point) of this game is that each time you level, your ranking goes up. You get new skills to play with or your skilss get stonger. Then you get to kill better and stronger monsters. In maple story, you never lose. Each time you level ahead of your friends, you feel proud. But then as you walk, you see people with higher level. Then there you go walking straight to your favourite map to do some intensive training.

At lvl 1-30, you can have one level up for about 1-2 hours per level. From 30 onwards it takes 2-4 hours for one level. And from lvl 70, ahem its takes 2 hours or more for just 10% of the exp bar.

Getting myself addicted

Maple Story will never get boring. This is because of the constant addition of new maps, new items, new monsters and many other ingame events.


In a monster hitting event.

Imagine, with monster riding you can now travel around by riding boars. Its so fun! but wait, theres a catch. You will nid 20 million mesos. Which is quite impossible to obtain without playing yourself in the Free Market, or get ready to fork out some real cash to play the gachapon.


Why some parents support it?

Interesting but true, there are even some PARENTS PLAYING the game themselves. Though maple story may look like a normal average looking girl standing side by side with Paris Hilton when being compared with games such as Ragnarok Online or other online games out there which features 3D effects, Maple Story game is easy to master but never easy to be a pro.

In maple story, its pretty much the same as the real world. You have mesos(cash), and you have the free market. You sell and trade, which i believe is really not an easy task. Getting yourself pro in the market means you have to know the prices of scrolls ( the most valuble item in maple story). Get ready to do some trading as people will really bargain to squeeze out your hard earned mesos.

The addiction fun

Leveling up is fun. Once you start playing, you will realise you get more naggings and scolding from your parents. You become less productive in the real world but very productive in the game- helping to kill monsters that will just come out over and over again.

Its repetitive, but your level isnt. You keep getting stronger. The next thing you know, you are always awake in the middle of the night, trying to avoid the crowd to find some peaceful time to hit monsters or to enter party quests which is always full.

Also, take note that once you die (touch wood* i mean your character dies, they lose experience points- about 5% to 10%). meaning you have to spend another 4-5 hours of training to earn them back.

The Game Spoilers

Scammers. They scam your item/mesos straight out of your pocket.

Hackers. Once you get hacked, only your level and character stays. You had 100 million mesos? gone. Godly scrolled and expensive equipments? gone.

Ksers. Imagine you hitting a mushroom. It takes u 20 hits to kill it. Then on the 19th hit, someone came right beside you, hit it and kill it. Instead of the 100 exp you deserve, that kser probably took 30 exp away, that means he just ksed you. ><

A-cash users. Maple remains free to play but users buy maple cash or points with thier real money to buy special in game items. Although they are not necessary (because maple is free), these users tend to discriminate others who doesnt pay to play.

So much talk, so to play or not?

If you are a person with lots of patience and really, theres nothing in this real world for you, go on, create your own story in maple story. But beware because you will be losing lots of precious time that you will never gain back.

I played the Delphinus world from lvl 1 to lvl 74 in two months. A chief bandit now come to its senses. I am real but the game isnt. I once thought i could control myself by playing 1-2 hours but turned out i spent 5-8 hours a day playing it.

DO NOT TOUCH MAPLE STORY unless you really know what you are doing.

this game will no doubt take alot of your time. But which game doesnt?

Maple is not just a 2D game. when u play it you realise there is much more to it. After all, a game main point is to let you have fun. For me it was really fun getting to know new friends through the game ^^


Chief Bandit/ delphinus/ maplesea/ lvl 74. retired.

Furi Kuri aka FLCL

This is probably the second anime post since my post about Elfen Lied and how that anime rocks. However, this short 6-episodes OVA anime which is said to be incredibly comedic wasnt up to my expectations. With so many comedic anime around, I still couldnt find one that can actually replace the tearjerking anime i watched- Elfen Lied and the super funny comedic Love Hina.


Furi Kuri is a funny title for an anime isnt? Well its not just alien words, its supposed to mean something. If im not mistaken Guri guri means rubbing towards your body, Kuri Kuri means eyes that are opened so big. As for Furi Kuri, i forget what it was but Kuri Kuri is supposed to be meant ‘breast fondling’ a term used by anime makers. oh gosh i want to KURI KURI her! LOL!

The story begins as this 10-year old boy which his brother had abandoned him. Not really abandoned but left to another country leaving behind the girl who likes his brother. Somehow they got close (sorta bro-sis love) until one day and insane maniac crazy girl on a motorbike zoomed pass and bang his head with an electric guitar. Thats where the story starts to pick up, as why would she appear in his life where everything is supposed to be normal? As the series process, it does get ridiculously unreasonable and doesnt makes sense!

This is my favourite flying kiss scene! though the boy doesnt really look like fish normally! haha the whole fish idea is so cute!


This kind of shocking expression is priceless! If only we could express them in real life!

Though there are scenes that is really funny, i find it hard to even finish all 6 episodes, 24 minutes each. This is probably the story is lagging with pretty much slow development or rather ridiculous plot. Dont bother to watch this unless you are in huge desire (like me) to complete an anime even during hectic time.

AdrianC ratings (4.5/10)

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