Goodbye and Welcome

There are times you need to say goodbye and just part with something.

GOODBYE )(*!@#)!
Firstly, goodbye to my driving instructor. Yes ive changed to a new instructor because she had been abusing me alot. She made me walk so far, she canceled our lessons, she refused to come fetch me, and she wants me to wait for half an hour just because she wants to be late. i know im a bit fussy but this wasnt what i paid for. when you pay for something, you deserve a good service.

Yes i love food and who doesnt? ill smack your tomato balls. But i cannot deny the fact: im fat! so to my stomach:





my swimming classes are starting(hopefully this sunday, supposed to start last week but the instructors went to BangCock Bangkok)

this post is to encourage myself. im now on a total diet and exercise plan. because a goal not written is only merely a wish.


girls go crazy over chad micheal murray. well, theres your adrian murray. i wanna be hot too. someday.



p.s do u guys have good diet plans/exercise tips? help me! add your comments here below not on tagboards(mamak stall) pls so i can refer in the future! thanks!

btw if u guys have any plans for any sports just count me in! ^^ my badminton and tennis racquets have spider-webs all over it already.

Merry Christmas, again!

Guess what came to my house through courier service? no, not santa clause but santa’s goodie bag. lol!


Won it through a christmas contest at last month but i forgot what i actually did to win it but haha it consists of a book titled ‘A Virtuous Lady’ by Elizabeth THORNTON. wow nice name fooo! and three cds: Christmas Magic, Starry Starry Christmas and MET10 Awards CD.

when it arrived and i told my mum, HAHA! MERRY CHRISTMAS! yeah uh oh my goodie bag got stuck somewhere. and arrived NOW. o.0

mum: swt keep it for end of this year! HAHA

the book really tempt me tho. i really want to start reading it but not until i finish my current book: THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEENS by SEAN COVEY. that book really moulded me into another person totally. its definately worth the read!
back to this new book i got, its about a lady who fell in love with a guy who is a playboy, a devil! can she mould him into another person through pure love? whoa sounds like a rough bed task ahead!

so now that im enjoying some really nice christmas songs, especially Santa Baby by Pussycat Dolls. their voices are so sexy! haha

ohh…haha are guys allowed to cam whore?

think only you girls have skills for cam whoring? since im in christmas mood, think again,





actually you dont have to wait till a particular date to celebrate a festival or important date. as long as you are happy, everything goes smoothly! just smile and you will realise its christmas again!

ive grown

start of 2007! everything smells so nice. the air, the room(fresh paint smell), the bed(also paint) and the dirty clothes at the corner of my room…ahh…

started my day by browsing through past posts i have made since i first blogged in november 2006 and pictures..its a great thing to do that, to see how much u have grown throughout the year…

end-Year 2005. finished SPM and graduated high school.

Future Doctors doing research: Pan meen, Me Luke and Sean.

Are we trying to incubate him?

Thats what u do when u dont have slides and playground for teenagers.

Makan time at the RM5 shop. .

We are at the cafetaria for fayyyee’s bday. HOMIE!

At Pizza Hut for Kavi’s Jesvin’s and Yun Xin’s Birthday. wow they actually share the same birthdate. Amazing heh? so far ive only found one who had the exact birhtdate with me: Oi Wey, my ex-highschoolmate. I still remember how our classmates used to tease me and her are born couples. imao

theres an alien in our class with antennas. can receive live astro channel from her. no wonder she so smart!

The Gays Guys of G-16. Acting all cute and naughttyy!

WHAAA! IM STRONG! i can carry 3 men at one time…

wahh this is group molest!

WHOA freeze! dun shoot the tomato balls out of me!

Mass sleeping when lecturers are not around.

My cute lil doggie. Yesterday i played with him and he ATTACKED my tomato balls! wtf

We are the boss aka Big Bro and Big Sis.



Best rojak in Subang. You have to try it!

Group of G-16 SAM 2006 Taylors University College.



ADRIAN DURING HOLIDAYS (with nothing better to do):






And to end it:

Rich kid and Horny Pizza Eater Looks. ROAR!


What do you do when you are bored?


yes, been having tonnes of laziness, sleep like a pig, eat like a pig and bored to an extreeme level. am rotting at home. maybe not rot. because when something rots, you dont gain extra mass(fat)

Due to a series of unfortunate events such as reformatting my computer leaving only the games o2jam and maple story, im back to mapling. which is bad. real bad.

Part time job: none
money saved from the beginning of holidays:nil RM0 -broke
money spent: a lot..till i lost track of it.
Potential girlfriend: unknown
Weight: increase like bollocks
Hair: longer-bad hair day!

Getting a job, especially a part time one is super hard. The other day(last thursday i think) i called Demo Power(a trialing company to let customers ‘taste’ the product in supermarkets) and they asked me to go all the way to Petaling Jaya for job interview -.-

so i went all the way there, spent 2 freaking hours listening to their get-to-know-our-company speech and lastly ended up with no part time job and the normal ill-call-you-back-later msg.
Not that im not qualified, its that i requested for the place nearby my house, Giant Klang or Tesco Klang but they said theres no project available for guys currently.

@sshole. Do i sound like a girl when i called them to enquire about a job in Tesco Klang?

Wasted my time totally. And also money to get to their freaking office.

And i studied. Yes, after 2 weeks without touching any pen and paper, I studied for my UNDANG test. lol yes im gonna get my driving license ^^

My practice book, KPP notes and handwritten notes.

and i

PASSED :p 🙂 ^_____^

Last Sunday, went on to the Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu(KPP) which totals up to a freaking 5 hours. Hell. And my friends were like telling me that its gonna be freaking boring. Anyway it didnt go that bad actually. I kinda liked the lecturer that day. He is freaking humorous and he made the entire 5 hours super dam fun. At the end of the class he even showed us photos of accidents, with all broken bones, heads, intestines, stomachs due to accidents on road. EWWW!

finished doing 500 Undang practice questions. YES lol 500 questions in one night! i wonder if the rest of you guys actually finished the whole practice 500 questions book.
then yesterday took undang test at the center.reached there at 9AM something. Still have to wait for hours. Theres only like 15 computers. When it was my turn to register, my IC cant scan! )!*#()!*@#)(* called my driving school and he say if cant solve ill have to go back at 5 p.m.

So i kept on rubbing rubbing and rubbing! not rubbing my eyes and cry lar. I rubbed my IC at the smart card part and finally after 3 freaking tries, it worked. ITS A MIRACLE FOOO~

And to make u guys feel guilty, you all should not be enjoying your holidays now by going out with friends and spending parents money. After all, who took good care of you when you are busy having your exams and school? Even tho my daddy and mummy wont be reading this, I just want to thank them for their support not only for this year, for the past 17 years and the future years to come. Daddy always prepares breakfast for me, send me to college and so on. He even woke up early to send me to college during the finals when some of the paper actually starts at 7.00A.M in the morning (yeah bloody using Australian time is their 9.00A.M)

So just an advice, help out with household chores and dont be lazy! XD so did i make u feel guilty now? heheh

Ive been reading during the holidays. Really little. XD

Never thought i would need self-help books until i found one which i actually read through(speed reading) it at Taylors Library days before my student ID expires. LOL

Self-help books are GREAT!
And even watching DVDs are motivating me. Seen John Tucker Must Die? Well, to get the girl of your dreams, you do not need to be the most popular guy in town. Just be yourself. Because everyone is special in their own way. Something that i might not think of. What is special about Adrian? hmnnnn

You are special because you are different- Backstreet Boys


Books to finish by end of this month:

Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding(halfway done- they use the word F*ck so many times ppl might think Fu*k means hello. LOL)
Dalai Lama – The Transformed Mind(started but doubt i would finish it)
Dalai Lama(again?) – An Open Heart(doubt i would even start it lol)
Copycat Marketing 101(sounds interesting eh)
Rich Dad Poor Dad(heard this is really good..cant wait to start this one im finished with Bridget)
We Werent Lovers Like That by Navtej Sarna
A Himalayan Love Story by Namita Gokhale—-> love story books where the title caught my
and a book on biotechnology o.0

havent start my swimming lessons(prolly next sunday), my intensive guitaring(using computer software..private teacher foo~). LOL i wonder if i can do all that. XD

also i need a haircut. my hair is like alley cats hairstyle rite now! should i leave it long or get a bootscut eh? o.0

Also went to ICPU graduation day at TCSJ today to work. My job is pretty simple, hand out the graduaion gowns, do gown-check when they return it and tadaaa~ worked for bout 6 hours, with lunch and XD

And my friends asked me, ICPU have leng luis(pretty girls) meh?

YES! god and they are FREAKING HOT! DAMN i wishED it wont end. but it ended sadly, i made no new friends.

okok this is more like an essay now (i miss my ESL teacher Mrs Banu)..

time to chao

still fantasizing bout ICPU girls