life is…

wow sorry for the lack of update.

these few days have ben really busy. many sort of things happen unexpected. sometimes, you feel yourself so tireed at everything. and it really makes you realise, theres a lot to life. everybody has their aims, everybody has hopes but nobody will know what will happen tomorrow.

Some ppl complain when they dont have enough money. Some complain when they dont have enough this and that. some ppl complain about how their wives look. but seriously, how many actually think and appreciate that we are lucky enough just to have TOMORROW?

life is short and its true. appreciate life and stay strong. 🙂 always be happy while youre at it.

btw i was supposed to work at Mid Valley this weekend. it seems that they postponed the thing. anyway it just came right in time. i wont be able to make it anyway. oh yea, one thing everyone should keep in mind. never go shopping in Mid Valley wearing the black work-ing shoes or leather shoes or whatever you call it. Went to mid valley with the haardos (frens) last thursday with leather shoes and my hips feel like dropping offf even until now.

until then. lets hipshake everyday.

wow 2 babies were born/killed!

it was dark. all i could feel was something peircing through my mouth. then i couldnt feel my mouth and my lips on the left corner.

then the lady come with a smile.

“EVERYTHING is gonna be over soon”

then the guy held me down, holding my head upwards. then they all ask me to


male: YES!
lady: get me a bigger one (tool)
male: this one big enough

after long hard 10 minutes, the thing came out. i was all sweating all over.

2 batang gigiku was extracted. there goes my baby.

sacrificed for the evil tooth fairy in exchange for straight teeth (evil tooth fairy is willing to grant me a metal to teach my teeth to be obedient and not move around)

added seperators on my teeth. its a plastic thingy to make spaces between my teeth. wousers now my whole jaw feels so gay gay!

nothing much this few days-except that ballroom dancing is just GREAT!! woot!

Sony ericsson W610i or K550i
Compaq presario V3205TU

my wife(s) is coming soon! woot!

ive grown

start of 2007! everything smells so nice. the air, the room(fresh paint smell), the bed(also paint) and the dirty clothes at the corner of my room…ahh…

started my day by browsing through past posts i have made since i first blogged in november 2006 and pictures..its a great thing to do that, to see how much u have grown throughout the year…

end-Year 2005. finished SPM and graduated high school.

Future Doctors doing research: Pan meen, Me Luke and Sean.

Are we trying to incubate him?

Thats what u do when u dont have slides and playground for teenagers.

Makan time at the RM5 shop. .

We are at the cafetaria for fayyyee’s bday. HOMIE!

At Pizza Hut for Kavi’s Jesvin’s and Yun Xin’s Birthday. wow they actually share the same birthdate. Amazing heh? so far ive only found one who had the exact birhtdate with me: Oi Wey, my ex-highschoolmate. I still remember how our classmates used to tease me and her are born couples. imao

theres an alien in our class with antennas. can receive live astro channel from her. no wonder she so smart!

The Gays Guys of G-16. Acting all cute and naughttyy!

WHAAA! IM STRONG! i can carry 3 men at one time…

wahh this is group molest!

WHOA freeze! dun shoot the tomato balls out of me!

Mass sleeping when lecturers are not around.

My cute lil doggie. Yesterday i played with him and he ATTACKED my tomato balls! wtf

We are the boss aka Big Bro and Big Sis.



Best rojak in Subang. You have to try it!

Group of G-16 SAM 2006 Taylors University College.



ADRIAN DURING HOLIDAYS (with nothing better to do):






And to end it:

Rich kid and Horny Pizza Eater Looks. ROAR!

Bubbye 2006

its so quick we cant say no. year 2006 has indeed come to an end. and time flies really really really fast. omg i feel so old already. hmnn time to refresh my memories and look at how productive my year has been:January: Admission to Taylor’s college for South Australian Matriculation SAM after SPM. Unlike evryone, who are enjoying their holidays, we went in early of the year with great hopes for the year(parents dont want us to waste our time hehe)

time to fast forward. Feb till Mid year: projects projects projects college college college assignment assignment assignment. Hopes early of the year for a sweet and relaxing year ahead has gone flushed down into the toilet bowl. mid year marks wasnt really good. wished could have turned back time and not take SAM.

Mid year till finals: dont know how me and the rest of us did it, but yeah we are done with SAM

yeah this is how life is. However SAM is indeed a superb experience. its a sweet one year course that will remain in every ex-students memories. I could still remember when we first went into that small classroom. All of us were innocent and shy then.

did i mention i did a lot of crazy stuffs during holidays after finals?

PROM. danced like crazy. no oysters. got to know her . but this ‘her’ showed no interest in me..why would anyone show interest in me? lol

Went up onstage in Sunway Pyramid, dressed up as women on 8tv turns twwoo event.

went to MET 10 awards at Ruums KL

Went to beach party, dressed up all like a fisherman. maybe i just dont have that muscular body to look like a lifeguard in Baywatch..hmnnn

and so many more, lazy to type. latest is to VELOCITY KL MUSIC FEST 2006.

memories are memories. memories wont last forever but words written may last forever. however not all memories can be put into words. <—-what am i? shakespear wannabe?

ive met great friends. ive made enemies. ive met stupid ppl who thinks they are great. hypocrites. backstabbers. must admit that im not a really good person also. sometimes i say stuffs that hurt ppls feelings, sometimes i do stuffs that hurt ppls feelings without even knowing it. but no one is perfect. so the start of new year is to be brand new, not to forget to remember our mistakes and not repeating it. time for new year resolutions. dont have much aims except to bring LAST YEAR’S unfinished resolutions as 2007 NEW YEAR resolutions. wait…did i even accomplish any? haha no im not typing any NY resolutions here for you all to make fun of me. no use talking. JUST DO IT!

haha im watching a korean drama, Delightful Girls Chun Yang/ My Sassy Girl Chun Yang. it made me cried like baby during New Years Eve. One thing i should advise you all, if u really like him.her, dont be shy, just say it out. Because you never know how long he/she had been standing behind you all this while.

spent the whole day of New Years Eve working the crap out of me. Actually not working, just repainting my room. Now its a mess. The walls and the ceiling is beautiful but there are paint spots on my parquet. bloody hell. even got to my queen sized bed and pillow. cant be bothered too much now lol.



On the 22nd November 2006, which seems to be an extremely normal Wednesday to other people but is uber special for the 800+/1000 students of South Australian Matriculation at Taylors College Subang Jaya. For them, the one year course of what people would probably rant about it the whole day, the course of hell, with tonnes of projects and stuffs to do. Common Tests, Assignments, Text Production bla bla bla, the list just never ends. But it ended on that special day.That night was SAM-CORROBOREE-PROM-2006. The final meeting of all SAM students, the final day to get to know the-person-you-know-who which u never managed to talk to him/her for a whole one year. Pathetic isnt it to make friends on the last day. haha

Me-Sean-Luke-Joe-Waiyip planned to stay over at the Pyramid Tower hotel. One room with 5 guys, you should know what havoc is it like! XD Before the prom, we went to A Cut Above to get our hair done. All of us wanted to look our best at the prom.

Basicly the food is just average. They probably got someones mum to be the chef. But eating was not our main purpose on that night. All of us were busy taking pictures. No words can describe the excellent feeling everyone had on that night! Some pictures of the food we ate, however some food missing cos we were busy snapping photos!

While eating, we watched a few nice performances:

How dance originated: incredibly portrayed and seriously funny on how the dances of every kind originated from cockroaches and more cockroaches.

Band: Yes, I like the Peter Pan-Mungkin Nanti! gosh!

Solo: This cute girls sing Aul Lang Syne and other songs. We tagged along and sung like we were in Red Box Karaoke. Luke lost his voice that night!

Dance Time- Instead of ballroom dancing which most of us wouldnt know how to dance anyway, they turned the whole grand ballroom into a disco party with crazii lights all over…gosh…and i was thinking what to say to the girl i dance with if i accidentally step onto her foot and before i knew it they turned the lights off for disco party. -.-

and me? i was dancing like crazy till me-luke-kavi and a few others went onstage..

Adrian got into photogenic mode and started snapping photos!

A great photo because of the lighting. Taken at the hotel room where everyone gets dressed up, preparing for the prom.

The guys, (from left) Me, Wai Yip and Joe cam whoring. Proud of how we looked that night!

Me and my dearest maths teacher, Miss Yeap. I will always remember how she wants me to REPEAT THE QUESTION OUT LOUD!! SEE? YOU CAN SOLVE!

Me and Terese. *smileeess sweeetly*

From left, Jolene, Faye, Me and Daniel.

The guys of class G16, rendered minority by the number of girls in our class. From left Daniel, Kien Seng, Wai Yip, Me, Sean, Luke, Joe.

Joe, Julie and Adrian. tired after dancing.

Me, a sweet looking girl and the prom queen. They looked really pretty that night!

I came into the class of G-16, one day late. I missed the orientation, i missed the introduction part. i ventured into a totally new space. The only people i know that time is Chiew Li and Li Anne, my ex-schoolmate for long long time already-years i didnt keep track of.

Mr.Tsung: Tell us something about yourself?
Adrian: Err, nothing much. Im from Klang, studied in SMK Raja Mahadi…
Mr.Tsung: Hobbies?
Adrian: internet, books, movies
Mr.Tsung: What movies? give us an example of a movie u recently watched?
Adrian: err…Memoirs of Geisha?
Mr.Tsung: Is that movie out in cinema yet? o.0
Adrian: ….
Mr.Tsung: dun bring your illegal activities to college okay?

Yes dear Mr Tsung, you embarassed me. I know i watch DVD alot.. shhh!

One year has gone, G16 is no longer just an alphabet and 2 numbers joined together to group people based on their course: Bioscience Pre-U
I believe, it brought together smiling faces, sad faces, people of every kind, people who will deeply treasure the meaning of G-16. The spirit of G-16 2006 will never die. All the cheers, joy, fun, memories will remain. Because they are preserved into words, photos, videos that will last for immortal time.

The class of G-16 2006 Taylors College South Australian Matriculation.

Thats not all. There are tonnes of photos which i will put into a slideshow for you guys to see, it loads faster that way.

For you guys and gals who wants to download the pictures and save it please go to my prom online photo album:

click here

i miss you all. lots. muacks.

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