the ultimate backup for security, with security

This is not something new. I cannot emphasize more on the important of having backups. My first and the last i ever wanted in my life is my Hard Disk being a pain and made me lost everything. Although it may not be important business files or folders for me, i lost all my photos taken with my digital camera, where even money could not buy back the time of the past when those photos were taken. The money I could spend recovering those files are not cheap, and those money may as well be used to buy a better Hard Disk.

There is another alternative to backups- using the internet through Online Backup. i-drive provides encrypted and secure transfer of your files to online storage securely. Would definitely be useful if you want privacy so that your back-ed up files do not leech away to unknown users(or competitors) on the net.

If you are not convinced, why not give their free trial of 2gb secured on line backup storage for free. There is no catch and there is always options to go pro to get more space and more features. Unlimited storage is priced at only $4.95/month). It is not only secure, fast and convenient, it is the one backup plan for your important files.

crazii froggie dissection

warning! ***GORE PICTURES AHEAD*** not for weak hearted or Axel F or Crazy Frog lovers

abit outdated but this was my first crazy frog dissection in BIO1022 many weeks back. wonders of doing major in biology =)


inside out?

cam-whore with frog organs!

frog intestine with green stomach juice

after that class i had some mild headache. probably because when i dissect the frog i was too near the frog and smelt in quite a lot of chloroform used to make the frog drunk.and so i was drunk. Yik Ling the pretty lab demonstrator kept emphasizing on *respecting the dead*

anther frog bites the dust for the future of research. frog soup anyone?

Resident Evil: Extinction

hoho last week i was at the premiere screening of resident evil. won these tickets through TheStar Online. Thanks thanks! Still waiting for my exclusive Resident Evil tee-shirt to come through the slowpoke mail though.

I went to watch with my mum. These seats: K5 and K6 in GSC One Utama are actually twin seats. We were seated in the middle but on the left with only 2 seats every row so no one actually can disturb the romantic movie nightout of me and my mum. Twin seatings are freaking ROMANTIC! argh…im so jealous of couples. But anyway the person in front of me sat there alone lonely without any companion so I couldnt complain about me being single and lonely. I went to watch movies completely alone before and I know how that feels! That was my first watching movie in One Utama and the rooms are spacious allright!

Resident Evil: Extinction was amazingly cool. Yes it was even when im not a fan of it and i dont really play the game either. Plus I didnt watch Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil: Apocalypse so this shows how good that movie is to attract me. The fighting scenes are awesome. Not to mention Milla Jovovich is awesomely hot. *drools*

The story starts off to continue the battle against the zombie monsters infected with the virus where only Project Alice has the cure. The only hope for a world filled with zombies and virus infected animals.  Is there still a way to actually save the world in this final battle?

It is action packed to the max and the sound effect is just awesome. You guys better watch it in cinema to experience the awesome-ness!  been watching a lot of movies lately =)

beautiful flowers

Its nowhere near Valentines but a flower a day keeps your girlfriend/boyfriend away nearby. Isnt it nice to have someone sending you flowers just because the person you are destined with is as beautiful as those flowers. I can understand girls feelings about roses. While some people want to give presents to girls that will last eternally (not flowers), flowers themselves can be way to beautiful. Even when it can not last long, staring at them already place that wonderful feeling into the the heart of the receiver, that lasts eternally.

To keep things simple, my favourite may be normal, but its still roses. roses of many different beautiful colors.

OMG theres even sunset roses! look at those vibrant colors and blend!

Now that you know my favourite, quickly get flowers delivery and make me happy =) I dont mind receiving flowers from you girls (girls only pls).

celup celup pizza

right now im craving for pizzas….ever since pizza hut been generous about cheese and making chess as the top top TOP ingredient, it makes me drool when it comes to pizza+extra cheese…..

but its cheesy pricey tho…

garlic breadd!

also dip?

hmnnn dip diip pizza! anyone tried that yet? i tried the sausage one but its quite useless actually…. i prefer it to be stuffed with more cheese instead…. =)

ahem* btw lksoon still owe me a lunch ahem*

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