i wish life is a media player. Click pause when you need it. click rewind when u regret it. choose your favourite songs into the playlist. Get bored? switch tracks..

If only life is that good.

exam pms

mystery man in toilet

happy guy in toilet

a walking zombie?

this is how we nap

okay thats enough!

Pictures taken in Monash University Library, when too stressed up with revision 🙂 Pictures are all blurry because did not focus. just like how i couldnt focus in my revision =.=

but guess what? its all over now.
its holidays now! whoo *been a week now since holiday*

and definitely rotting at home =.=

theme problem

im having problems with my wordpress theme editor. 🙁 will fix this soon enough. meanwhile have fun with the classic look. I know, its painfully plain but hey, this was what wordpress classic look like in 1.2.x versions. classic isnt it? this is prolly what majority blogs look like a few years ago 🙂

*fixing the theme*

*upgrading wordpress engine if necessary*


In case you haven’t heard of the hoo hah woo hah


Download Day

Yes, its the world’s fastest browser, world’s most secure browser and world’s most customizable browser..

and soon,  into the

Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

thats right. You can be part of it by downloading it today! Be quick before it ends according to your timezone.

the brand new firefox 3.

so far, total downloads have reached
Total Downloads
7,002,280! *at time of post*

CHECK OUT THE LIVE COUNTER and see the number increase like mad!

And i have contributed to the download for 3 of my PCs. And i’ve got myself a certificate too! hooray, emoboy and adrian chan supports firefox. Join them by downloading firefox 3 today!
Download Day - English

Firefox and World Record
Spread Firefox

i think im in love…

with who? Marié Digby!

In case you haven’t know, I’m a fan of her! I listen to her music 24-7 okay. Whats worse is this:

My desktop wallpaper

My wallet

My handphone (tiny dick SE K550i 🙂 )

My soft-board

tell me, if this isnt love, what is thiss?

uhm another siao siao stalker case? crazy?

Yes. I finally finnaly finally got her album! I didnt buy it when I was in One Utama KL because i was blur. You cant blame me! And what do we do when we have a special album in our hands? POSE!

front 🙂

back 🙂

gotta pose with my guitar 😛

as pretty as Marié

And i actually let that cd run for 4 hours! i listen to her songs for 4 hours non stop. whoa. im crazy for her

Here are a few pics of Marié Digby from my camera when she was performing live in Kuala Lumpur 1 Utama. It wass awesome! She was awesome!

the beautiful set

there were so many people there and it was so crowded. It was so hot and there was a lady who fainted while waiting. btw thats Lance the guitarist on the left and Marié on the right.

I was blocked by this guy with his video camera. So everytime i take pictures i have this light effect! grrr. But luckily I was tall because my friend’s friend was complaining that all he could take was pictures of other people cameras! =.=

see what i meant?

I like her…outfit too.

cuteness +100%

thumbs up! ^^

Make sure you grab her album okay! Her asian version of Unfold has bonus tracks which are 5 acoustic tracks. you will regret it if you dont get it! Its only RM38! Support Marié! I will kill u and hunt u down if you dont…

this is the first time im so crazy about someone else, im beginning to become afraid of myself. wow.


Marié Youtube Channel
Marié Myspace
Marié Facebook
I was at her online concert

Yay. tonight sleep dream of her again…

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