i dont know why but recently im having this pain in the ass…i mean pain on the left side of my head. i thought its just another headache. prolly because ive been wanting to stalk her so much or the homework stress. But i suddenly have the feeling it is migraine! its like something squeezing the juice of my brains in my head, it comes and go and its only on one bloody side of the head.

Migraine is a neurological disorder. [1][2][3] Usually migraine causes episodes of severe or moderate headache (which is often one-sided and pulsating) lasting between several hours to three days, accompanied by gastrointestinal upsets, such as nausea and vomiting, and a heightened sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia) and noise (phonophobia). Approximately one third of people who experience migraine get a preceding aura.[4] The word migraine is French in origin and comes from the Greek hemicrania, as does the Old English term megrim. Literally, hemicrania means “half (the) head”.

lets see

Bio Report

Chem report

Chem quiz

Business Stats assignments

24 hours to go.

A@!#!@##J!#)@* no wonder get migrain! better go sleep first. i cant do heck with this migraine. hopefully it will be gone after i wake up tomorrow. or else…

Hope she gets well…

Yok Shan is a beautiful name. Like every other babies, she wants to come into this world healthy. Despite being born prematurely, Yok Shan was seen healthy and active in the incubator. However, it seems like the hospital caused problems to her.


I was shocked when i see this picture.

Lim(lawyer) said a doctor told the parents that Yok Shan’s infected fingers, which were dry and brittle, faced the risk of falling off on their own.

It seems that when Yok Shan was put in the incubator and a drip attached to her left hand, her hand got infection, turned black and swelled the next day and would have to be cut off.

Dr Yahaya had met the parents several times and apologised on behalf of the hospital.

The hospital has assumed responsibility and apologised to the parents, mechanic Lai Kian Khee, 24, and his Thai wife Nut Tuemthong, 27.

Yes and how are you going to take responsibility? A child’s future is being destroyed. She was born healthy. How are you going to give her back her arm and her future?

My mum said that she didnt send us to government hospital when we were born and instead sent us to specialist. I mean how can we trust our government hospitals again? Before this there were already cases such as babies mistakenly switched in the hospital. How careless can they get!?!

If you listen to the news, it happened in HTAR (Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah) Klang. Although after being taken care by specialists, her infection swelled down by 1.5 cm now.

Lets all pray for her to get well soon.

Malaysia Rare Phenomena

Did it snow? Whats rare?

I saw this image on dailymail on a phenomena called the sundog. Sundog is a rare optical illusion. Of course its not the same as mirage that allows you to look at Hawaii babes dancing in the middle of the desert. Instead you get to see a rainbow which is not a rainbow but turn out to be a colourful donut ring.


Its so beautiful isnt it? It happened in Malaysia, and you probably recognized the coconut trees.

What are Sundogs?

These appear when the sun is low in the sky and its rays catch the thin vapour formed of ice crystals which lies in the atmosphere six miles above the Earth’s surface.

The rays are refracted by the crystals to produce what looks like a halo round the sun.

Sometimes, as here, they display a spectrum of colours from red closest to the sun to a pale blue furthest from it, which has led to them being mistaken for full circle rainbows.

In centuries past, they were thought of as signs of ill omen. These days they are most often mistaken for UFOs.

See? Actually, Malaysia also special lar!

Heard of hair transplant before?

My hair is freaking long right now. I never leave my hair long because i will usually bootcut it. Then my sister asked me to keep my hair long so that I will look like WU CHUN. of course its so freaking hot with my current hair. blehh no pictures until i cut my hair!

Anyway while i was browsing through the net, i found Dr Larry Shapiro’s Hair Transplants on AliveDirectory.com which i don’t think I would need them *thank god+touch wood*. However do not think that you are so young and your hair wont drop off that early. I used to think that way too until i saw the documentary on TV about hair loss. Its surprising(at least for me) to see that there are many girls and boys out there who are still in 30s having hair loss problem. And hair loss can be really a traumatic experience. While people are going shiny bald for style, a few bald patches especially on the ladies wont look good.


People are sometimes convinced that theres not much one can do too if they have hairloss problem. Because chemical remedy dont always work on every other people. Same goes to traditional remedy too. But Dr Larry uses a different high tech approach- hair transplant. I bet most of you have not heard of that before.And of course this technique is not new for them. They already perfomed more than 10,000 cases and has 17 Years of Experience in Hair Transplant Surgery! Well if stats doesnt boost confidence/ say much there are options to talk to other patients about their experience and theres a bunch of pros and cons articles on his website. And his website has this cute song that will make up for any bad hair day. rofl Their number is 1-800-799-HAIR (4247). 🙂

If you are somewhere near South Florida and desperate for a new life for your hairs, check out Dr Larry’s. Dont give up hope.

Ashop ecommerce website


It seems that e-commerce is getting more and more popular. Im frequently seeing people buying stuffs online. We probably have broken down the barrier: skeptical about online buying. What if our identity is disclosed? What happens if my credit card number leaks out? What happens when… Of course, as online shopping is expanding further, the demand for trustworthy online shopping websites are increasing.With services such as Paypal, people are getting confident when it comes to online privacy. While selling stuffs online is so super competitive, it is important that the customers get what they wants: convenience, security, fun. Everyone can sell anything online. The added value (trying hard not to make this complicated for you) for your business would be how much you can provide for the customers, at the same price or maybe lower. If we are able to provide customers with this, we would be different from the rest, and hence what we want, which is $$$$ would flow in like the river.
Of course, there are also a lot of convenient services we can incorporate into out website to offer our customers. One of the popular service would be ecommerce software for the website. It offers a complete shopping transaction services that allows customers to enjoy shopping and at convenience and reliability. If we are able to show customers that they can buy anything they want through the online shopping cart, customers will feel good since it is as easy as going on a supermarket trip and throwing everything they need in the cart. Starting a small shop of your own would be a great experience. Ashop ecommerce software provides you with 10 days free trial(no credit card needed) and a live demo with even free store designs. Its simple and user friendly.Test it! If you like it, your customers will love it. After all, a shopping cart software will boost any online business!

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