Blogger almost got attacked by monkeys

and almost lost his head

Yes. Stupid blogger.

Today we wanted to have a break from all the exam stress and everything so me Eric and Lok Soon decided to go have a good meal at Sunway Pyramid. As we go by the Monash illegal carpark (the jungle beside monash where u dont have to pay RM2 per entry but occasionally your car gets invaded by bugs, pests, mosquitoes, ants, snakes, AND MONKEYS) we actually saw 2 of those faggots. YES 2 GAY MONKEYS leaping from car to car.

These monkeys completely think they own that piece of the land. My friends car’s antenna got RIPPED off by them. I wonder if they think of it as a JOYSTICK or was doing some bad monkey handjob.

One of our senior actually got a souvenir on her car as well.

Yes. they do mark their territory.

They were across the road and they knew we were staring at them. This blogger forgot that he actually has a 7.1 Megapixels OLYMPUS camera with 5x optical zoom which he won last year from a KLUE magazine contest with him. All he could think was


And he took out his small dick puny 2MP K550i Sony Ericsson camera phone and try hard to ‘CAPTURE’ it without any freaking zoom.

And guess what. He was too shiok with taking photos, he got too near and that MONKEY almost got his head.

DO you have any idea how it feels when you are so close to a freaking monkey who is showing its sharp teeth and about to turn into some INCREDIBLE HULK?

And who is this blogger?



i did a backjump that i swear my pants almost fell off in the process.

and my mum wasnt doing any help when i told her about this.

Mum: Ya know, monkey teeth is extremely sharp. My friend got bitten before on the leg and she lost a single piece of meat! They actually have to take meat from her butt to fix her leg.

are u seriousss?

Wait, if i lose my head, i dont see how the huge chunk of meat from my butt can fit into the socket. i dont want to look like…


Im in a good mood today so i shall blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today’s exam was actually fun. Most of the questions were answerable ๐Ÿ™‚ Not too much hope into it now because big hopes usually ends with big disappointment ๐Ÿ™‚

This is unrelated but just feel like talking about it. One thing that single people always complain is how lonely they are. I admit, yes im filled with jealousy everytime a couple hold hands and walk past me. Then I will complain about how lonely I am again. But come to think of it, having a girlfriend isnt really that much of a big deal. <– what did i just say?? Having good friends are way much better. It has been a long time since i met any new friends so i feel kinda sad for myself.

And having good food is better than friends :p oops okay just kidding friends forever alright?

Today while waiting for my dad to pick me up, this gal who have been my course mate for a year and a half now came talk to me. Ive seen her in classes, in tutorials, but i barely remember her name. I tried hard to remember while talking to her bout the test we just did, and about her hometown. Then she introduced herself and I intro-ed myself- which is an embarrassment on my part. Why did i say i have not made new friends for a long time now? Because i forgot the simplest thing in the beginning of a friendship- shake hands and the ‘nice-to-meet-you’ part. The thing is guys are always engrossed with getting the chick’s number, getting the chick’s msn or friendster where we open it up and stare at your picture for 1000 times that we forgot the simplest thing to do: walking up to someone you dont know but you would like to meet, shake hands and just be friends!

I feel shame on my part because being course mates for half a year now, I dont really know everyone in my course. While there is this gal who used to take SAM with me and is also in my course now but we were not that close. We used to say hi smile bye in the beginning but soon after, she get on with her peers and i get on with my circle of friends and sometimes we just dont even smile to each other anymore. This, i feel is very sad because sometimes i look at her and just expecting to see a reaction but there is none.

So stop feeling bad about yourself and start smiling to the world. I feel that its the positive energy we release that attracts friends into our lives not how we look like or what we are. agreeable?

p.s fine i admit. I just wanted to brag about how a pretty girl actually talk to me today ๐Ÿ™‚ (feels good after letting it out blehh) oh i feel shes interesting too and shes from sarawak ๐Ÿ™‚

exam period!

Monash University examination period~ 6th to 20th ๐Ÿ™

all the best ๐Ÿ™‚

diet? RIOT!

or ROT!

why is it that everytime you try to get on diet, the house must become… like the junk food part of the supermarket?

You tell yourself, allright, im not eating THOSE, not anymore!

Then poof! junk food in the store-room. KFC on the dining table, Ice cream in the freezer.

WHAT THE HELL? A part of me just wanna break down and move towards the evil side: food!

FOOD makes you go crazy. buy me a donut now and ill be your slave for like 10 days (provided u keep feeding me with donuts) thats cheap slavery and i wont even report it to the Labour Department.

NO! must resist all the temptations! MY way of resisting these temptation?

1. LOCK YOURSELF in your own room. If you get too hungry, eat pillows? chew pillows? long-life pillows!

2. LOOK AT EVERYTHING in calories. One packet of junk food = 1 day of exercise. 1 piece of cake = 1 week of exercise. 1 BIG MAC is like BIG FAT! Bloody hell.

3. BRING OWN FOOD OUT! actually i find eating outside is much healthier. Bring sandwich. Because at home its always buffet style. The food on the table + rice + eat all you can. ( i know my family memebers cant compete with me when it comes to eating)

4. Sleep. I dont know if i EAT in my dreams but as long as it doesnt add calories.

5. Imagine. When u eat, imagine the food goes nowhere but into you and become part of you. OMG IM GROWING TWISTIES ALL OVER ME. and theres a KFC DRUMSTICK poking out of my knee.

5. DRINK. not soft drink but WATER. LOTS OF WATER. There was once i drink so much water i feel like crying when i see water. But yeah, thats one of the way.

6. Keep yourself occupied. When you think of something else, you will think less of food. Like blogging? Porn? Music?

and SPEAKING of music, Mariรƒยฉ Digby’s beautiful voice is accompanying me all the time. It feels like shes there beside me when i listen to her music. I feel so happy when i jog, when i do my assignments <–stressful assignments, before i go to sleep.

omg is that love? I fell in love with the voice on the radio! its her voice -.-

All her songs are beautifully written and well played!



my dear friend Wai Yip gor is a real life example that I CAN DO IT. You have no idea how fat he was. now hes like TOM CRUISE. this future lawyer will have a lot of hot office scandals. Attack him secretaries! TEar his coat off!

LOSE WEIGHT till the bone!!

in a healthy way of course. No no, not liposucksuck.

or some slimming panadol. Or OSIM. NO, GET UP AND EXERCISE!!

and definitely must get back to playing my guitar!

your tube my tube her tube

After jogging and some dumby-bells training i sat down in front of the com to rest before i take a shower. So i head on youtube to see my most favourite-est singer Marie Digby again for the 100000th time

The funny thing is I use to laugh at people when they say they get addicted to youtube. I mean how do you get addicted to youtube?? i know people get addicted to porn but theres like not a single watch-able porn on youtube (dont tell me u never search for porn on youtube lol)

So there I was watching videos. Oh btw btw I so wanted to BLOG about this! ITS THE WORLD PREMIERE OF MARIE’ DIGBY’s MUSIC VIDEO of her super nice song SAY IT AGAIN!

go go watch it if you havent!


The music video is just so good! The moving sets, Mariรƒยฉ and her Gibson guitar (awesome) and the part where she drives in the car (she was super pretty!)

GO WATCH IT!! I insist!

anyway as I was saying, i got addicted to youtube. Just by clicking the deadly ‘search’ button… they should change the button to something like ‘HERE GOES ANOTHER 5 HOURS YOUR LIFE’ instead of ‘SEARCH’. SERIOUSLY I was stuck at youtube for 2 hours , watching Marie’s video and not wanting to go bath (yes I was STINKING)

How can it not be? I meant look at the videos lying around waiting for somebody like you to just pick and click and watch them. And there always have to be like VERBAL fights where people who think they are super genius fights with people who just write retard comments. they never fail to make you laugh when reading them.

now the fun part is that you can know flag the comment you hate till it gets hidden. its like a vote thingy where if the comment just suck balls it will get like -10000 votes and the comment will be hidden (correct me if im wrong)

ITS FUN! at first i didn’t bother but its kinda fun where you get to EVALUATE peoples comment, it became too addictive. If its good u click on the thumbs up and if its bad just click on the thumbs down (sorry no middle finger sign)

YOuTUBE is SO MUCH FUN that they should change it to like DISNEYTUBELAND or sumthing!

Oh yea btw see the box MORE VIDEOS and RELATED VIDEOS on the right of every youtube page. How many of you can tell me honestly you have never watched a vidoe and click on it to watch a SECOND video and a THIRD video. It will become like a chain video watching!

Yea, that was how addictive it was.


So, are you a youtube addict?

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