hair dye? uh oh!

what the fish! i bought a pack of hair dye from Guardian worth RM30+ to dye my hair. itz color-dark+red+brown! feeling excited since its my first time and my mumy daddy always wont let me do it! XD but at the end they let me buy to try it once, also because i keep on bothering them muahahahaha

LOREAL PARIS: No 1 brand..yeah!


Ended up my hair is still black! wtf waste of money and time fooooooooo! i think my hair is naturally too black! if i really want to dye, i need to bleach. And bleach is like putting ur head in a pail of concentrated chlorox. guess im giving up dye-ing my hair. im happy cos my hair doesnt want to change color. At least this experience makes me feel proud of my shiny natural black hair more!

it stinks so badly…eww the chemical made my hair smells worse than cow dung+rotten apple+ chicken shit! luckily i didnt not use it the day when its nearer to prom..or ill regret it!

Anyway guys, hows ur prom preparation goin?

Outing @ Sunway Pyramid!

OMG im back! haha when my friends asked me out to go to pyramid i was quite hesitant. WHAT? SUNWAY PYRAMID? didnt we go there like a few times already?!! haha then i decided to go just for the fun of it despite my swollen eyes which appears to be less lebam today. I took a ride with my dad early in the morning and reach there at about 9.30AM -.-ll It was earlier than i expected, the ‘date’ with them is supposed to be at 10. So i went in to walk around to realise that its so empty! and most, i mean all the shops are still closed.

How does it feels walking in a dark huge supermarket?

Took while walking. I was so afraid the guards will catch me for taking photos. They might think im a criminal planning to rob or bomb the place! haha I feel so lonely! XD

Then i visited the GENTS.

Something caught my attention while i was peeing…

What kind of opportunity do u expect when u are having difficulties peeing? And they should change LIVE WELL TO PEE WELL!Tha place around is still dark and damn, they did not turn the air-cond on! its super hot so i went to stay near the skating ring. People are skating like pros early in the morning. And i can remember exactly how i fell and hurt my bottoms like a little baby last time. Traumatic experience wooo~
Look at the naughty girl pointing her butt to me!

Too bored watching girls..err i mean ppl skating led me to the bowling center. It was super freezing cold there so i played 2 rounds of bowling. Ended up my friends were late~ uh oh..

Itz so empty! hahahaHeres my scores and yes, im a noob player, i suck at bowling so much i feel like running towards those pins and bang them down with my head.

One strike, the rest into the drain! proud of it!
Improving eh? hehe

Later, went out to the main gate to wait for them and saw the cruisers! XD feeling so excited, joined in the game, got some freebies. They’ve got some Paris Hilton VCD, some disco dance compilation stuffs. I got the fourth place in a simple game and got 2 Grandstand tickets to watch A1 at Sepang for all three days! wow i mean like something for free, i dont mind watching Alex Yong toufu lose or something..hohoho

The freebies i got: latest KLUE, car sticker, magnet and my tickets!

Damn delicious looking magnet! makes my mouth water!Then we go to RedBox karaoke and party like crazy. To be honest, thats my really FIRST time in a karaoke! Food there is simple but we really sung our lungs out and danced like craziee!

Lady Faye’s plate: Mushroom fried rice XD She eats the slowest so i took the pic! Half eaten plate of speghetti! YUM YUM!

Time to intro u to the gang: from left Lady Faye, Kavi Meowie, Yee Wunnie, Anne Koala, Joe Joker, Lukey Cutie and Adrian Choy Choy! Another time? missing:Lukey o.0?? CAM WHORING WOFOOOOOOO!!!!! THis is what happens when u try to sing with two sexy girls!

She smiled just like the frog…too bad shes a koala!

5 Girls, One guy and a karaoke place!Went out for prom-stuffs-hunting, the gals looked for heels and me and Joe looking for men stuff. Then we stopped at the 8tv event and i saw something i like. something i really like! Its the chinese girl host from 8tv. Saw her before in the concert i went @ Low Yat few months back and shes also the host for Superstar. I think shes really cute –>i wanna marry a girl like her! *blushes*

Gary and my dream girl Sing Yu <—direct translation lol! Both of them in white in the middle! Aww shes so cute!

LOOK! its Mei Sim at the left in red+yellow! SHE rox!Next Kavi, Faye and me went to pluck our eyebrows! lol of course i didnt do it, and Faye just looked at how Kavi endure the pain. She goes like ouch..ouch..ouch! i was fantasizing of her going meow..moew..meow instead…XD

Ouch cabut carefully can or not? pain ler!Reach home and i already lost my voice! my throat is like super itchy! thank god mum cooked some herbal drink! called ‘liang cha’ or something. What a coincidence, i really needed that drink!

Thats not pee MIND YOU! its sweet and i freaking like it!

Thats my favourite mug! and the “liang” tea! XD

My internet is still as crappy as before but it was a superb day! except that i lose the video of the cute host i mentioned to you earlier! WTF! how could i lose it! freaking camera! Im going to Pyramid again with my family tomorrow and i really hope to see her again! omg omg omg thinking of it makes me happy~

p.s some of the pictures are really blurreasons:

1)my hands are either shaking cold or too tired

2) im a digital camera noob

3) too excited that everypart of my body goes shaky including the camera

I promise better clearer photos next time! XD time to sleep and dream of my dream girl!
Once my internet is back to maximum speed~crazie dance videos to be posted, raw and unedited!

My EYES! o.0

Today is Friday….but i feel like bad! lol ive always enjoyed fridays cos fridays are kewl and relaxing but my eyes! they just got more painful! omg!

NO! they are not because i enjoy too much after my finals. ive been having that pain since my last paper of chemistry on wednesday, it just got worse yesterday! i suspect its an AFTER EFFECT of SAM! EVIL SAM!

Thats my right eye!

Thats my left eye! Look at the difference! gosh lebam-ed eye!


Pictures taken yesterday nite in quite a dark room! hehe im not that dark okay im slightly tanned. Tan is GOOD!

It looks as if i just got punched in the eye! lol but ill be allright soon.. i will heal and enjoy my holidays to the max!

PLANSPLANSPLANS….how am i suppose to go out with an eye like that?

gosh! now im in big dilemma. i wanna hang out with them, i wanna go have fun with them, especially @ Sunway Pyramid tomorrow but i cant make decisions right now, ill leave it to my eyes! so pretty eyes, please heal faster or ill have to go out with another image tomorrow…such as hard gay style!
and damn something is up with my streamyx! wtf usual great download speed but turtle upload speed nowadays! cant even send anything or even upload teeny weeny photos onto the net. and playing online games is a trouble! so laggy! this really spoils my mood! grrrrr i have to try like 10times to upload 2 miserable pictures of my eyes! hohoho
im gonna watch my chinese drama now, even with one eye smaller vision..haha cya all soon!

p.s: outing @ sunway pyramid is for my dear friend li anne’s birthday! you go girl! known her for so long already for 18 years and wishing her all the best in her life and hope she gets everything she wishes! rock on and since you are finally legal we should……do something…you now…together…..soon….

such as CLUBBING!! 18-ners paarty wofoooooooo!


Hey there all!

Hello everybody! i know i know, for those of you who knows me really really well, Im Adrian Chan!

Today is an exceptionally nice day. Firstly congratulations to my sister Wendy for obtaining 7 straight As in her UPSR! some of you might think, ceh, UPSR only but i think that even if its UPSR, its not obtainable without hard work. And over the past few years i have been seeing my lil sis studying hard, yes even harder than me in school! CONGRATZ to her again! woohoo!

And, its yesterday that SAM(SPELL:South Australian Matriculation aka Study Atau Mati, Study Also Mati and many more)@ Taylors University College finals ended yesterday with the CHEM paper! wow…even when im writing this i still cant believe it a year has gone by and i survived SAM. Results will be out 1 week before christmas!! That sound like a christmas present but i dont know. NOTHING is for sure.

Santa’s got your SAM results so you better be good!

I spent the whole morning today playing maplestory, which i now regret it. It feels so bad levelling up, its leeching my life away. Theres so many stuffs i can do, i just hope i wont play it again tonight lol!

And ill be reposting some of the nice past posts from my friendster blog!

be sure to post your comments in my new blog! XD And also chill at my mamakstore! hahaha

for my gang of heng tais and leng lui chi muis ill be probably working for the whole month of december as what they call Student Ambassador@ Taylors. ill update you guys later!

I own an acoustic guitar which i cant play, ive got tonnes of photos to show you all, ive got to chill, i cant ice-skate—> i fall!, i cant swim but i wanna learn so bady, im going to get braces and pull off 4 freaking teeth!, i want my driving license, i wanna slim down, i wanna jog, i wanna play tennis, i feel so happy i want to wrestle somebody(probably luke), i want to know the gal though Ho Cheng <—pervy, i wanna dance like the wind o.0? —> theres so much stuffs i wanna do!

have a nice day everyone!

Missing High School

High School- A torture Chamber, A Sucky Place, A Nightmare or whatever u call it… i doubt you will miss it. the only thing you will miss is the smelly scent of the toilet and how you have to ‘tahan’ your kencing from 7am to 1pm just to avoid going to toilet to inhale some poisonous fume from some terrorist trying to sabotage the whole school..

How do you like the smell in the toilet?

well, high school is just memories…of pain? of suffering? or joy? the only joy i can remember is being with friends and some nice teachers(i said ‘SOME’ but its rare, you yourself know it!). one of the cutest thing we do is we take our class photo every year just for you to see how your health had been deteriorating ever since u stepped into the world of high school… sorry to photos this time…i know i know u guys wanna see how handsome i was in high school..unfortunately i forgot where i placed ill post when i found it! haha another fun thing to remember is how you play chalk war with your friends…call that lame or kiddish but it IS the time you get to play paintball for free. And remember the suspense when u had to hide your handphones in the toilet, underneath the table, at the window and in your underpants everytime the prefects do a spot-check? priceless!
i can still remember how funny our headmaster was. he used vulgar words in front of us during assembly sometimes. and he talks about how some of these matured students hang their sanitary pads all over the girls toilet and sometimes make the toilet ‘tersumbat’. Yes, MR Headmaster, im so proud of you! why dont you go collect all of them as memories?

Here you go Mr Headmaster..a gift from your ex-student who is still proud of you…BOOS!!!!!

OMG! High school is another place for puppy love…Every now and then u get students kissing and rubbing each other behind the buildings..pls lar…want to rub rub lap lap kiss kiss all go hotel and do okay…no one is proud of you.. BOO!the next thing you want is to run around naked getting chased by the school discipline teacher and yes, u can call that romantic.. And you people cry over your boyfriend when he doesnt eat with you anymore in the school canteen because he found another cuter gal. GET OVER IT.. -.- love life in high school is SO NOT REAL LIFE..

i guess high school is over for me…no way im getting into that school uniform again! yuck! allthough i still miss my friends in high school and my juniors…yes youuu cute lil juniors, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! day you can be like me and proudly blog about how your ex-high school sucks.. until then, just sit back and enjoy your high school life with worse to come.

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