Marié Digby Live Concert Beamed Worldwide!

If you just missed it, i dont know what to say to you!


seriously, i never felt so close to Marié Digby than today with the camera zooming in to her!

It was great experience! And she even answers our questions live! The concert was beamed all over the world, LIVE through the internet. There were people from Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, everywhere!

Thanks so much to Marié Digby , and the guys over there in Vegas! Thanks DeepRockDrive! It was the best concert I ever been to in my life.

The show just ended. It started at 6.00AM and you know what, I didnt sleep the whole night. I was up wide and awake! Because I was so AFRAID I WAS going to miss it but its all worth the wait!

Off to sleep now! Marié Digby, you rock!!


first saw her on youtube before her album was released, then in One Utama Live in Kuala Lumpur then an online concert with her! wow!!!

melted my heart! <33333333

Marié Digby Live in Concert

If you missed the 1 Utama Marié Digby Live in Kuala Lumpur promo tour, its okay because theres another concert coming.

Marié Digby Live in Concert

* 6:00 AM

*Malaysian time (+8GMT)

Ive never been to a concert- an online concert! You book a ticket and when the time comes, just turn on the computer to watch her performing live!

I saw this on youtube the other day and quickly grabbed my ticket to see her. Its goin to be on DeepRockDrive with their very catchy tag- A Million Front Row Seats!

Seriously. Its going to be like webcamming with Marié Digby! Haha and according to the site: you can change angles and even chat real live with Marié and other users. Besides that, choice of songs are based on votes by viewers!


Book tickets here. Its free! Be sure to check it out and not miss it. Btw the time is just right. Its on a public holiday! Yippededolalala!

edit: check out my post about the concert

no specs = better

So here are the results from the poll ended few days ago.

Create polls and vote for free.

See, positive minded people or people with no strong opinion would go for option 3. Which is the majority.

People who prefer specs/no specs would go for either option 1 or 2.

So conclusion is no specs = looks better.

But dun let polls take control of yourself. remember its your life and how you live it is decided on your own. hehehe

Oh, yea and you cant satisfy everybody.

Words dont control us. Not anymore (Dane Cook, 2006)


yes. im talking about money as in bucks $$$ moolah.

AH ha. this morning i woke up with mixed feelings. No, its not that “argh its so wet and sticky the last thing I remembered was being in a jungle with a hot girlfriend”

maybe something like that. smiling face because yesterday i saw MARIE’ DIGBY LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR!

say it againnnnnnnnnnnnn~~ yeah she was in 1 Utama performing for her promo tour. It was soooo fun!

oh yea. btw whats with the money eaters. Remember bout the mixed feelings? I had like panic attacks this morning. All i can remember next is I rushed out of bathroom to the computer and login to the library website.

And what do you expect to see? OVERDUES!!!!!

hahaha its funny when its only 1 book overdue. its just what, RM1 per day?

BUT its no joke when you have a few books. THATS LIKE MONEY FLYING AWAY!

ID RATHER SPEND IT and WASTE IT than lose money just like that!

now, arent they money eaters? they just wait for you to OVERDUE Your book!

grrrrr… and the worse is that day my friend had RM8 fine for overdues and i LAUGHED at him. I bet hes there LHAO (laughing his ass off)

damn. Attraction theory is working now. The more youre afraid of something bad, the more it will happen!


a ‘date’ with the dentist today!

yeah so i was on a normal routine braces adjustment with my dentist today.

I reached the place at 8.05AM. I went in and the place is ALREADY FILLED with people. The place only opens at 8am??!! I thought I was still early!

Then anxiously i press the button for ORTHODONTIC SPECIALIST.

bzzz. bzzz. bzzzz.

the machine vomit out a 4 digit number for me. *4D!*

WHAT? 4008? it means im the 8th person on the queue and the it has not even started yet.

DAM. 7 people before me? 7 is VERY LONG! 7 x 15 minutes? WTF?

So i was there waiting with my mp3 listening to MIX FM. To their Phua Chu Kang thingy every morning.


DING DING. 4-0-0-7!

I was like WHOAAA! I almost jumped out of my pants. that means im next. WAIT WAIT WAIT!. *prays hard it doesn’t go back to 4-0-0-1 later.*

I thought I would just have to wait a little while today.

But turned out this 4-0-0-7 guy is FIXING HIS BRACES.

Yesh. thats like the loooooooooooongest appoinment. I know because I when I fix my braces it took quite awhile too!

IT WAS 45 MINUTES! just for 4-0-0-7 to ding ding to 4-0-0-8!


then today my doctor was abit weird again today. If you didn’t know about episode 1 with my dentist, look here the blog post I wrote last year.


So there I was lying on the softy chair.

Then he started calling out my name. like on mumbling mode

Mun Choy…..Mun Choy…

And you know what he called me when he was adjusting my braces?


wooot. PRETTY BOY!!! then he told me my treatment is fast. now its just filling the gaps between my teeth. soon i can take out my braces. It has been like, only 1 year since i fix it?




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